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The latest supplement for Fortune's Fool is here! 


Travel down that most sacred river the Ganges and discover the wonders, and dangers, of the Indian subcontinent! Featuring new playable races like the rakshasa and new types of magic that can alter a character's karma, Tales from the Ganges is an exciting resource for players. With new dangers like deadly tigers and the instructable naga, GMs wanting to challenge their players will find plenty to like. All that, plus elephants! Tales from the Ganges is available right here! Don't wait until you are reincarnated into your next life! Get it now!

And if Hindustan isn't to your liking, travel north to the wintry climes of Russia with our latest installment of the Lost Treasures series, Curiosities from the Dancing Hut, available for free! The crone Baba Yaga has gathered a lifetime's worth of magical trinkets, but she guards them quite jealously. Do you dare risk the witch's wrath to gain her prizes?

Fortune's Fool is the ENnie award winning role-playing game that uses a unique Tarot card-based resolution system.

Nobis, our debut product, is a fantasy campaign setting for use with the 3.5 edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game and other OGL products. Nobis offers you the chance to step into a dynamic world of intrigue and danger.

While you’re here, play around the site, visit the ‘Game Play’ section to learn more about role-playing as we see it, check out our latest offerings, visit our partners or just say hello. We’re always interested in hearing more about what you’re looking for in your gaming experience!

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Fortune's Fool won a 2011 Judge's Spotlight ENnie!

Fortune’s Fool 101

​Pete Figtree talked to Jay Stratton and Jason Keeley for a detailed examination of Fortune’s Fool character creation and gameplay!

Atomic Array Podcast

Jay Stratton and Jason Keeley of Pantheon Press are interviewed about Fortune's Fool!

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