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Fortune's Fool - What’s is Fortune’s Fool?

Fortune’s Fool is the bold ENnie-award winning role-playing game that uses the Tarot deck instead of dice! Set in a fantastic version of Renaissance Europe, Fortune’s Fool invites you to play a character from a wide array of races and backgrounds. Humans, elves, goblins, and more cross swords and cast spells in the courts of Paris and along the canals of Venice.

One week you might find yourself fighting monsters in the icy peaks of the Swiss Alps. The next you might be kidnapping Shakespeare from a rehearsal of King Lear! Whatever your adventures, success or failure is determined by the cards of the Fate Deck.
Will your next card be Strength, giving you a devastating blow, or will The Hanged Man spoil your attack? Perhaps The Tower will menace the table, or maybe The Fool will turn everything on its head. And somewhere in the deck lurks Death itself, waiting to claim its next victim.

So set down your dice and pick up the Tarot deck and give Fortune’s Fool a try!

Fortune’s Fool: your fate is in the cards.


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Free Stuff

Click here to pick up some free stuff such as character sheets, maps, compatibility guides and more!


Fortune's Fool won a 2011 Judge's Spotlight ENnie!

Fortune’s Fool 101

​Pete Figtree talked to Jay Stratton and Jason Keeley for a detailed examination of Fortune’s Fool character creation and gameplay!

Atomic Array Podcast

Jay Stratton and Jason Keeley of Pantheon Press are interviewed about Fortune's Fool!

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